Race Day

Bristow 24 Hr Run Race Information


• Directions: Elijah Bristow State Park is located about 15 miles east of Eugene on Hwy 58. Driving from Eugene, turn left (north) on Rattlesnake Rd, and right (east) on Wheeler Rd. The Google Map link is Bristow State Park in Dexter Oregon http://tinyurl.com/harsr3j.
• The gate opens Saturday morning by 7:00am.
• Where to park: The parking areas are located beyond the sign that says “Race Participants Only”. Park in the gravel area just behind this sign, or on the paved area shown on the map.

The Course

• The course winds through Elijah Bristow State park, with a stretch along the river. Most is single track, but there is a section on pavement around the aid station and timing areas.
• While the course has been measured to USATF standards, trail courses are not certified. Each lap is 1.054 miles (1 mile+285 ft.) to a tolerance of -0 / +10 ft.

On the Trail

• This is home turf to horses – be nice and don’t spook them.
• No dogs are allowed on the trail.
• If you decide to take a long nap, or leave the race, you must tell us. Otherwise, we will have to hunt for you. If you are missing, we will call your emergency contact, even it is 3:00 a.m.
• There are 50K, 50M, 100K and 100M markers on the course. We will tell you when you are on the lap that gives you one of these splits.
• Pacing is allowed after 9:00 p.m., 12 hours into the race. Be careful to let other runners pass.
• Mosquitoes are around this time of year. They usually show up for a few hours in the morning and evening depending on temperature and humidity.
• No ticks have been reported, but are out there. We’ll be checking for them.
• There is an occasional report of cougars. They are very shy, and race day commotion will keep them distant. In the unlikely event that you do see one, you can face it and speak firmly, and it will back away. You cannot out run a cougar. Here’s a good link for more information: http://wildlife.utah.gov/learn-more/living-with-cougars.html


• We assume that you will be aware of your condition throughout the race, and seek medical attention if needed. This includes the possibility of your decision to end your race early if necessary. Race officials will intervene in an emergency, with support from the Dexter Fire EMT’s.
• If you have a medical condition that we should know about, please call or email that information before race day (od@bristow24.org / 541 -. 556 -. 5066). The medical tent will provide digital scales and blood pressure measurement to help you manage your race day condition.  We do not provide medications, including epinephrine.
• In races longer than four hours, hyponatremia can be a very serious threat. We recommend that you drink to satisfy your thirst and not to a schedule.
• Ibuprofen and Naprosyn have been associated with kidney injury. These medications will not be available at the race. If you choose to use medications during the race, you are assuming responsibility for adverse effects.


• We will be tracking your laps in 3 ways: using the wrist chip, keying into a system with a numeric keypad, and last but not least, checkmarks on a paper chart. If there is a discrepancy between any of these, we will track it down. Please be gracious while we are checking.
• Chips will attach to your left wrist. Please do not take the chip home!
• Please make sure your bib numbers are visible to our timers, and call out your number as you pass by to our friendly, backup lap counters.
• Once you pass through the timing area, continue to the aid station. Do not go back to the timing area or enter the marked off timing safety zone where your chip might be detected in error.
• A computer monitor at the timing table will show the total mileage (note- mileage, not laps) that you have completed.
• In addition to accurately counting your laps, we track split times, so if you have a specific goal that we should be aware of, please let us know. Our goals are for you to run safely, perform well, and keep smiling.
• Near the end of the race, when there may not be enough time to complete another lap, you may elect to continue and take a wooden marker along with you to mark your spot. A course marshal will record your distance when time expires.

Crew Instructions

• There is plenty of space to set-up your crew area. Refer to the site layout below.
• Need anything? Please stop by to see us at the aid station for food, medical assistance or anything you need.
• Volunteer help is always appreciated. If your crew is able to spend a couple of hours counting laps, have them speak with one of the directors.


• The weather in Oregon defies prediction. Here’s one guess from Wunderground:
• Summer does not begin in Oregon until early July. Be prepared for high temperatures from 60-85, with sun and maybe scattered showers. It will probably reach the mid 40’s overnight, so bring some warm clothes for yourself and your crew. We can safely predict that it will be cold overnight!

Sun and Moon data June 17, 2017

– Average High: 73° Average Low: 47°
– Record High: 100°(1961) Record Low: 34° (1915)
– Average Rain: 0.05 in Record Rain: last year!
– Sunset: 8:58 PM Sat. Sunrise: 5:29 a.m. Sunday
– Civil Twilight: end 9:34 p.m. Sat start 4:52 AM Sunday
– Moon rise (last ¼): 1:32 a.m. Sunday


• Race food information is here http://www.bristow24.org/menu . Our grills are used to prepare meat and eggs. If this is an issue for you, please let us know by email before race day (od@bristow24.org).
• Ask for something and we will likely bring it.
• Place your order at the beginning of a lap and we’ll try to have it ready for you when you finish that lap.


As the sun rises breakfast of burritos, pancakes, eggs, and coffee will be provided to runners, crew, volunteers, and friends. Crew and friends are welcome to make a donation to support the Eugene to PCT Trail.

Eugene 2 PCT Board of Directors

Tom Atkins
Callie Cooper
Emily Halnon
John Kluge
Julie Schulte
Joe Uhan
Stephan Willow
Ed Willson


Ed Willson, Cell: 541 566 5066
Julie Schulte, Cell: 541 954 6318


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